500Partners of top enterprises
800A professional team of more than people
30patent certificates

Haoyue's headquarters is located in the fashion capital of the paradise on earth - Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It combines R & D, manufacturing and sales as a whole and focuses on women, young and adult health care products. The products produced and operated under the banner of haoyue are "baby step pants, paper diapers, paper diapers, wet towels, adult Lala pants, diapers, paper diapers, nursing mats, wet towels, female sanitary napkins, menstrual care pants, maternity and baby dual-use napkins, parturient towel, and so on."

Haoyue has more than 40 automatic production line equipment. In 2013, the full automation advanced equipment, ZUIKO, was introduced, and the net investment of the equipment was more than 120 million yuan.

In 2014, Hangzhou haoyue Industrial Co., Ltd. became a partner in aerospace industry. In the same year, she joined hands with Yuan Quan, the drama queen, to express her love for the baby products.

In 2015, he signed a contract with Zhu Shimao to represent the haoyue adult care products.

In the face of the future, Haoyue will uphold the business philosophy of "wholehearted to go and achieve excellence", and will continue to deepen the international market pattern with the guidance of market demand, with excellent enterprise culture and management mechanism, and strive to become a modern industrial enterprise with manufacturing, brand and scale advantages. Customers provide quality products and services to bring more health and love to more babies. 




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